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Moving to Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong is full of first-hand information on what it’s really like to move to this bustling metropolis. It is bursting with need-to-know information, from big things like how to get a visa to smaller things, such as hidden costs that might take you by surprise.
The guide is laid out in an easy-to-read manner to avoid overwhelming the reader. We also provide links to useful websites and apps that Hong Kong residents themselves use to make their lives easier.

Inside Moving to Hong Kong:

• Language and culture help to put you in the Hong Kong mindset.
• A guide to expat renting and a breakdown of the different neighbourhoods.
• An introduction to the school system with details of different schools and créches.
• Advice and references to help you decide if it is actually feasible to move.
• Personal tips coming straight from our experience and mistakes.
• Photos to show you day-to-day life in Hong Kong.
• A list of contacts for over 100 different hobbies to kick off your social life.
• Over 30 categories full of relevant, up-to-date information.

Written and researched by Claire O’Brien and Juan Ignacio Pita – Hong Kong expats in 2014.
  • ISBN 9789974997592
  • Nº PÁGS 176
  • AÑO 2014
  • EDITORIAL Feeling Abroad

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